Groom Suit

Groom Suit

Listen up guys! Choosing what to wear at your wedding doesn’t have to be a headache. The hard part is over. You found the right lady, built up the courage to get down on bended knee to propose, and to your delight she actually said yes. Congrats! The last thing you need now is to fret and worry about how to dress for your big day. Why not let us at Ron Bennett do the hard work for you?

There is a common misconception that a wedding day is all about the bride. They have hairstylists, makeup people and dressmakers all bending over backwards to make them look perfect. What about us men? Who do we have to point us in the right direction?

At Ron Bennett, we put the groom first. With years of experience in dressing men for their wedding day, our staff can provide everything you need to have you looking sharp as you take the big plunge.

So put those pre-wedding jitters away and allow us to give you a sneak peek at some of the most important things to remember when dressing for your wedding.


No matter what you choose to wear to your wedding, you need to match the tone of the day. For a traditional church wedding with a classic, formal theme, a tuxedo is a distinguished and refined choice. A great tuxedo can give even the roughest of men a suave, martini sipping James Bond look that will send your bride weak at the knees as she approaches you down the aisle.

For a casual wedding you’ll want a more relaxed ensemble without losing that sense of style and sophistication. A Ron Bennett suit is ideal. Our vast range can cater to whatever look you are going for. Whether it is an open collar summer beach wedding or a slick Mad Men style occasion, we have the suit for you. Our staff has seen it all and can transform you into the perfect groom to match the tone and theme of the day.


It happens time and time again. Men come into the store fretting that their wedding is only weeks away and they have no idea what to wear. Most brides have their gowns chosen and fitted up to a year before the wedding day but us men have the tendency to leave our plans to the very last minute. Our Ron Bennett staff can help you get organised and looking great no matter how late you leave it, but we try to remind guys that the earlier you start your planning, the easier it will be.

We get it. You have got too many other things to worry about; memorizing your vows, writing your speech, recovering from your buck’s night. Leave the clothing worries to us. We are there for you every step of the way so whether you need us to schedule alterations, tailoring or even a last minute change of accessories, we’ve got you covered. Ron Bennett staff is famous for their pre-wedding assistance but our tip is to get in early, and if you have any questions, ask now or regret it later!


A wedding day can be exhausting. The stress of the ceremony, the constant kisses, hugs and handshakes with your guests, the long speeches, and let’s not forget that late night boogie on the dance floor! It makes sense that a well fitted suit is essential to handle all this activity. This is why Ron Bennett staff take every measurement possible to make sure each item of clothing fits your unique body shape and build. At Ron Bennett, we pride ourselves on being thorough, making sure you feel relaxed and comfortable all day. From saying “I Do” at the ceremony, right up until you bust out your best moves on the late night dance floor.


There is nothing worse than an overheated groom, dripping with sweat on a hot summer day as he stands at the altar awaiting his bride. The same goes for a groom who shivers his way through a cold winter ceremony. To avoid this you need to choose the right fabric. The choice of fabric can come down to a number of factors; the climate, the location of the venue, or simply the length of time you will be in the suit. At Ron Bennett we take all this into account and do our best to match the fabric with the circumstances of your wedding, giving you the peace of mind that your body will stay at a comfortable temperature no matter what the conditions.


Don’t be fooled into thinking a great looking suit is enough. To truly propel your wedding outfit into the stratosphere you will need to accessorize. At Ron Bennett we have everything you need to complete a perfectly balanced and distinguished wedding ensemble.

Whether it be a silver silk bow tie to match a black tuxedo, or a classy straight black tie with a well-fitted suit, we know the all the perfect combinations. Cufflinks are a tiny flourish that make a big statement, and because they come in a variety of shapes, colours and sizes, they offer you a great opportunity to add a dash of personality to your wedding outfit. And who can forget shoes? A great matching pair of shiny polished shoes are just the ticket to complete your wedding look.

There you have it. A few exclusive Ron Bennett insider tips to prepare you for your upcoming nuptials. Why not check out our full range of products online or give your local Ron Bennett store a call and make an appointment to see our store manager. It doesn't have to be a painful experience. Our trained staff can guide you through the whole process, and who knows, you might even enjoy yourself!