The Perfect Shirt

The Perfect Shirt

When purchasing a dress shirt never underestimate the importance of selecting the ideal fit for your figure.

It is well worth remembering that regardless of your body shape, a closer fitting shirt is always more flattering as large folds in your dress shirts will only appear to amplify your figure - not to mention the slim fitted dress shirts are quickly becoming the trend led contemporary option over the more traditional silhouettes.

Looking closely at the collar, body fit and the sleeve, our quick guide will help you to ensure that you never purchase another ill-fitted shirt again.

The Collar



Approximately 60% of natural shrinkage occurs within the first wash - so if the collar has a snug fit the first time you try your shirt on, this indicates that the collar size will be too small.

When first trying on a new shirt you should always be able to comfortably fit one finger between the collar and your neck. If two fingers fit, the collar's too big.

Determine your collar size by measuring around the base of your neck where the shirt's collar would normally sit.

The Silhouette

Whether you prefer regular or slim fitted business shirts is entirely a matter of personal preference, however, your shirt should always button up comfortably without making you feel like you're about to burst some seams!

Shirt Fittings

Shirt Fittings

Regular fitted shirts offer a generous cut making them ideal for regular gentlemen looking for maximum comfort. The more contemporary options include the slim fit and the fitted dress shirts - these are better favored by men with a more athletic figure that prefer to wear shirts close to the body without the fullness around the waist.

The Sleeve

The cuff of your dress shirt should always fall just below your wrist bone, nearest to your hand, as well as always appearing just slightly under the edge of your suit.

Determine your correct sleeve length by measuring from the horizontal seam that runs down from the collar of your dress shirt, to the elbow, running the tape measure along the outside of your shoulder.

Don't forget to always bend the elbow when measuring!

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