Top 4 Grooming Tips for Men

Top 4 Grooming Tips for Men

Our essential grooming tips for men cover off all the basics you need to know, from which moisturiser you need to have to nailing that perfect seasonal fragrance and of course the options when it comes to shaving! So let's get started...

Apply An SPF Moisturiser Daily

Sun protection shouldn’t just be restricted to when you’re getting your tan on by the beach – it's essential all year round! Naturally we forget during the winter months because the sun isn’t as prominent, but whether it’s a quick lunch break outside or relaxing in the pub garden on the weekend, you still need to keep your face protected.

Because UV protection is just as important as keeping your skin hydrated, grab an SPF moisturiser – it'll assist in preventing premature ageing and developing deep set wrinkles later in life.



Wet Shave VS Electric Shave

There’s probably no definitive “right choice” when it comes to shaving methods – after all it does come down to personal preference, but either sides have their pros and cons.

Electric shaving is certainly quicker and more convenient for those that have less than 5 minutes to spare in the mornings. However, opting for a quality electric razor can be initially pricy.

Wet shaving on the other hand provides a much closer shave, amazing exfoliation and you experience that barbershop luxury feel. Nicks and cuts are unfortunately more prominent with guys that use the wet shaving method – so be cautions during those sleepy mornings!

Seasonal Scents

We’ve all got a go-to fragrance that we use on a daily basis, but what we sometimes don’t notice is that some scents are more appropriate to certain seasons.

Heavier scents are fine during the cold winter months, but when the temperature heats up during summer these scents quickly become strong and very overpowering.

With summer almost here, opt for lighter fragrances that feature fruitier, citrus or aquatic notes.

Keeping Hydrated

This one often gets missed out because we tend to forget how much our diet affects our skin and hair.

The human body is approximately 75% water – so when you’re dehydrated it doesn’t just affect your muscles and joints, it also affects your skin’s appearance.

Today’s average is to consume anywhere between 8 to 13 cups of water per day, and although this may seem like a lot – just remember fruit and veggies contain water that counts towards this tally. Drink up!

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Work that SPF moisturiser into your daily routine!