March 29, 2016

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Listen up gentlemen…

What’s the most versatile piece of clothing that looks great with jeans and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion?


Many men don’t realise that the answer to this question is the often overlooked blazer. This simple, yet basic, piece of men’s clothing provides you with endless styling possibilities that your go-to suit can’t offer. 

Blazer 01The blazer is your go-to optionif the occasion calls for a casual dress code, while still being dressy enough to wear to an elegant function. And the great thing about a blazer is that it can be worn and matched with just about anything – from stripes or checks, paisley to solid prints – it looks great with everything! 

A blazeris a classic piece of menswear that will never go out of style, so here are some things to keep in mind when buying and wearing a blazer:

It’s not part of a suit

Your suit jacket is not a blazer (although many men seem to wear it like one). But when guys do this, you can tell that it’s part of a suit that’s been separated and often looks too formal for casual settings (especially when worn with jeans). A specially tailored blazer is what you’ll want to wear for these types of occasions instead. 

Invest in a tailored blazer

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When buying a blazer, you’ll want to invest in a tailored one fit to your personal measurements since it’ll not only look better on you, but it’ll last for a while, thus saving you money in the long run. A blazer tailored to your specific body type will outlast anything else you would have bought off the rack. And in regards to the right fit, make sure that it can still work with additional layer for winter weather so that you can wear it all year. And when it starts to get cold, you’ll be happy that you’ll be able to stay warm and stylish!

The body of the blazer should be shorter

For a blazer to look good, its hem should ideally fall around your thumb knuckles, which is where the end of your thumb is and where your joint meets your palm. 

Find the best colour, fabric and pattern that matches your style personality 

With so many different types of blazers to choose from, it may be overwhelming trying to find the best one that fits your personal style and current wardrobe. If you’re trying out the look stick with your basic colours and prints that go with everything and then experiment with more vibrant patterns, colours and fabrics. Remember, the blazer will be the statement piece so you’ll want to make sure that it stands out no matter what you’re wearing. Slowly build your blazer collection so that you have a great mix of different styles to match and complement the rest of your closet. Also mix inexpensive and pricier blazers that will work for any occasion. Also take into account the type of blazer, such as wool, cotton and cotton stretch

Structured or unstructured 

The best way to distinguish between a relaxed and more formal blazer is choosing between a structured and unstructured one. Basically, a structured blazer is a clean cut, sharp and straight-laced piece great for more formal occasions, while an unstructured one is more relaxed, softer and flexible, which makes it ideal for more casual occasions. You’ll want to include a mix of both kinds of blazers in your closet so that you have more choices when it comes to which blazer you should wear. 

Whether you’re going on a date, hanging with the family or going out with a group of friends, a blazer will work for practically any occasion. It can make a pair of jeans, shirt and sneakers look more dressy than it is, while still giving off that coo factor – making it a must-have item in every man’s closet! 

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