April 05, 2016


You’ve probably seen your favourite rock stars and fashion icons dressed to the nines in a cool-looking velvet jacket and thought how silly you’d look if you wore one, right?

Before you go on bashing your style choices, know that a velvet jacket is something that anyone can wear…you just have to make sure you wear it right!

The velvet jacket has become increasingly popular with movie stars, models and dapper dudes in general thanks to fashion houses like Tom Ford featuring velvet jackets in his collections.

Velvet 02  
If you’re thinking about donning a velvet jacket soon, here are some tips to make it look good: Men's runway shows have all featured velvet jackets in their collections, which is why it’s such a fashionable and hot item for men right now! And loads of your favourite Hollywood leading men have been photographed sporting the velvet jacket. Bradley Cooper and Ryan Gosling to name a few - providing men everywhere with inspiration to rock one themselves.

The Appeal

Although the velvet jacket isn’t exactly a classic in menswear fashion, it is having a huge moment and that means you can easily experiment with this fun trend. Since it’s a trendy piece you won’t always wear, it’s best that you opt for a classic-coloured velvet jacket that will go with the rest of your closet like black, deep burgundy or blue. Of course, it ultimately depends on how you’ll feel wearing it as your confidence is key!

Velvet 01

Like other trends, there are rules to follow to make wearing a velvet jacket look polished and refined. The rules for this particular trend are that you want to keep it slim so you look amazing wearing the jacket. This type of jacket adds some plush to your look and can be a great choice for when you need to wear a dinner jacket. Since it’s a statement piece, you’ll want the jacket to get all the attention and will need to keep the rest of your outfit simple so that it doesn’t steal the spotlight from the leading star.

 Velvet 03
The Rules

To make a velvet jacket look great, you’ll want to pair it with a black bow tie for a classic look over a crisp, white shirt. And if you really want to go the extra mile to look on-point, then opt for a black bow tie in a velvet fabric.  Add some black pantsand your favorite black leather shoes for the ultimate dapper look.What to wear Velvet with!

If you’re looking for something more casual, you can easily pair the velvet jacket with your favorite slim jeans and a simple tee. Add some white sneakers and you’ve gotyourself a streetwear-blog-worthy look!


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