November 19, 2018


Dressing for Your Body Type: The Gym-a-holic.

If you’re a guy that’s always in the gym, working on sculpting the perfect physique, then you’ll want to transform your honed body into clothing that looks good. You take pride in making sure that your body looks good and your hard work and dedication certainly shows in your physique.

You have huge shoulders, large lats, bulging biceps and massive quads, making it sometimes hard for you to find clothing that fits. After all, the whole bulging out of your clothes look isn’t exactly very attractive. Even though you might have to shop in the XL section, you are anything but heavy.

If you’re a gym junkie, here are some tips on how to dress for your body type:


  1. Finding the perfect fit


You want to show off your hard work at the gym, but you don’t want to look like the HULK either, so you have to find a balance between fitted and baggy.  Sometimes you might be a large in one brand and a medium in the other – it all depends on the fit, which is why you should definitely try on several sizes before just opting for the larger size to fit your frame. And don’t be afraid to go down a size if you have the body to show off a tighter fit, just as long as it doesn’t look as if you’re about to bust out at the seams!

  1. Neutral colors



Since you’re a pretty big guy, you should stay away from brighter, or bold colours and patterns and stick to a neutral colour combo. Since people are already intimidated by your physique, the last thing you want to do is scare them off with an over-the-top look.  We suggest sticking to neutral colours like black, blue, navy and tan.


  1. Skip the layering


You’re already big and bulky, the last thing you want to do is add layers so you look even bigger than you are. It’s best to keep your layering light, opting for lighter knits and long sleeve shirts for a well thought out look that won’t make you look bigger than you already are.  


  1. Go with slimmer fitting pants

Slim sweat pants- Mens 

Just because you have thunder quads doesn’t mean you have to wear baggy trousers. Instead go for a comfortable fit that is still in tune with modern day looks. Many of today’s wool or cotton pants come with Lycra so they stretch with your movement, adding extra comfort and contour to your body.


  1. Trust your Tailor


If you don’t already have a tailor that you trust, you need to get one now! They’ll be able to help customize your clothes so that they look flawless with your body type. They can make sure that everything fits right and that you are always dressed to the nines, regardless of your bulky frame.


  1. Have go-to labels

Once you find a brand you like and that fits your physique, make it your go-to brand and stick to it. It’ll make it easier when you go shopping since you already know your size










Size Guide

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