Style Guide Four great coat styles: Winter 2016.

June 09, 2016

Winter is here! Are you ready with your outerwear to protect you from mother natures winter elements?

When it’s cold outside, you’ll obviously want to stay warm, but for those gents with discerning tastes, not just any jacket or coat will do.

For the stylish blokes, their outerwear has to be just as fashionable as they are while still being made of quality warm materials.

The right winter jacket/coat not only has to look good and complement your style, but it has to be versatile so that you can easily wear it to work, on a date, at a function and more! When buying the right coat for winter, you have to take into consideration your personal style, where you’ll be wearing it mostly and the type of weather your city usually sees this time of year.

To help you with all of our outerwear needs this winter, here’s a handy buying guide:


A raincoat is a versatile piece that you can wear all year long. Since it’s a piece that will stand the test of time, it’s recommended that you splurge a bit given it’s an investment piece. Look for raincoats with lining stitching and robust buttons and take into consideration that it should be waterproof so that you know it will hold up to wet days.


Pea Coats

The pea coat is a favorite among many for its stylish history. This type of coat was originally worn by sailors and was named after the pilot cloth that the coat was originally constructed from. Although it was originally made for naval men, this coat style has become a winter staple for gents who want to stay warm and stylish thanks to its heavy-duty wool construction and oversized collar that turns away the cold. Pair with a few classic pieces and you’ve got a coat great for work and weekend fun.


Down Coats

For harsher winters, a down coat might be just what you need to stay nice and warm when it’s super cold out. Thanks to its slimming silhouette and the advancements in down feathers, you get a slimming look that’s warm without being too bulky. A down coat usually comes with a weatherproof hood so that you’re protected against the elements, while its lightweight construction will keep you comfortable on a 3 day camping trip or just another trek to the office.



Overcoats have become popular for everyday use during the colder months, and has changed over the years to become a classic piece of outerwear. Like many other pieces, you’ll want to invest in a good overcoat that’s made from wool or wool mixes, has natural buttons and soft bemberg linings.


No matter what outerwear coat you choose, just keep in mind that quality is what you should look for since you’ll want it to be functional and stylish, holding up to just about any type of weather! Check out our collection of quality coats and jackets here.


Size Guide

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