Life hacks: Looking After a Suit

April 22, 2015

Every man should have at least one suit in his wardrobe - whether it's used for a special occasion or as a uniform staple for work - it's a pricey investment that pays off if you take the right steps towards looking after it. Here's a few key rules to help keep your suit looking fresh and tidy:

Daily Wear

Your suit needs time to recuperate after it's been worn, so having a few on hand to rotate if you're a regular suit wearer is a good idea. After each wear, use a suit brush to clean off any dirt particles that may have accumulated throughout the day. But remember to always brush downwards in long strokes - kind of like shaving. And be gentle!


It's recommended that you wash your suit as infrequently as possible - we're talking only a couple of times per year - this is because quite often the cleaning chemicals involved in the washing can wear down your suit much faster than usual. But if you must get it cleaned, go to a professional, do not attempt to do this yourself. Lastly, invest in a steam cleaner - it's the delicate alternative to freshening up your suit between use. Steam cleaners will remove any wrinkles and odours that might build up during the day.


This is a vital component in caring for your suit! When you do put it away for a little while, ensure that you're using an appropriate hanger. A wide wooden hanger will help the shoulder area retain it's shape. Never, ever use a regular wire hanger. Don't neglect the pants either, rather than folding them over a regular hanger, purchase a specialised hanger with clamps so that your trousers are able to hang freely. Finish off the process by slipping your suit into a ventilated garment bag to protect it from moths and the other clothes in your wardrobe.

On the Go

Should you need to make a trip out with your suit, bring it along in a breathable garment bag where possible. If you're needing to travel light, sans suitcase, do not attempt to roll up your suit to make it fit into a much smaller bag - instead practice folding your suit properly and store sensibly. For those travelling each day on a much smaller scale - prolong the life of your suit by caring for it as you wear it. Avoid throwing your jacket into the back seat of your car, be careful when eating and drinking throughout the day, watch where you sit and most importantly, don't overload your pockets.

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