March 21, 2016

When you ask a guy what his staple go-to suit is, he's likely to fondly refer to his classic navy suit. Well what if we were to tell you that the most versatile, reliable and easy to pull of suit is actually a grey suit? It's been long associated as an outdated style but it's certainly making a comeback and here's how you can easily wear it:

Dress It Up

Grey suits are incredibly easy to dress up for those special occasions, along with a matching vest for that extra polish. Make it look effortless with a three piece charcoal suit, combined with a refreshing white or sky blue shirt. When it comes to the pants, flat ironed is the way to go instead of the old fashioned pleated style. While solids is the smarter alternative if you're going to go patterned opt for modern light pinstripes. The tie is especially important with a grey suit - you can either be ruggedly charming in a dark hued tie or go adventurous with pops of colour. Anything goes!

Smart Casual

A pair of washed out dark denims mix extremely well with grey suits, simply ditch the tie and blazer combination and opt for a vest paired with a black dress shirt instead. Throw on a jacket afterwards for those chilly winter nights. When choosing a suit style, opt for the slim fit cut to achieve that streamlined look - particularly if you're looking to complete your smart casual outfit with a snug burgundy sweater and a patterned white dress shirt.

Dress It Down

If you don't want to be the office drone all night, slip on a navy blue polo shirt and some loafers and you're good to go. The great thing about grey is that it matches with any colour so you can really have fun with your look. You can even whack on some designer sunnies for a daytime gathering!


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