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Travel: 22 Airport Hacks For Your Next Flight

Travel: 22 Airport Hacks For Your Next Flight

Travelling Made Smart – 22 Airport Hacks

Travelling is always a wonderful experience. Regardless of your reason for travel; pleasure or business, it is always an opportunity to discover new people and places. The prospect of travelling is always exciting but the struggles you have to face during your time at the airport can seriously dampen the mood.

A bad day at the airport could mean long lines, rude airport staff and delayed flights. However, you can avoid all these troubles by learning the following airport hacks:

1.     Carry Spare Ziploc Bags

TSA requires that travelers carry their liquids in clear plastic bags. If you are buying them at the last minute, you may lose one of them. Having a spare Ziploc bag of your own in such a situation can be a great help. TSA has a 3-1-1 liquids rule and travelers are only allowed to carry one quart-sized clear plastic bag.

2.     Laptop Should be in Easy Access

If you happen to carry a laptop, don’t stash it in the depths of your luggage. Buy a separate laptop case. Security at the airport scans the laptop separately so it is convenient to have it in an easily accessible place. This trick could come pretty handy in case you are a man travelling for business purposes.


3.     An Empty Water Bottle


You will be surprised to know that water is as expensive as the snacks at airports. A great way to save money is to bring an empty water bottle. You can fill it up once you have passed the security checkpoints.

4.     Prevent Luggage from Getting Lost

Getting your luggage lost at the airport is a nightmare. However, you can prevent such an incident by using a simple trick. Tie a colourful ribbon to the handles. This will make it distinguishable from all the similar looking suitcases. This can save men time that travel for reaching a business destination.

5.     Frozen Liquids

If you are going to do this, make sure that the liquids are frozen rock solid. On a long flight, freeze your favourite drinks. Men with fitness craze can freeze energy and protein drinks.

6.     Bring Your Own Snacks

As mentioned earlier, snacks are quite expensive at the airport. It is better to save this money and spend it on something more special during your travel adventures. To compensate, bring your own snacks like nuts, candies, cereal bars and other dry snack items.

7.     Nap Time at the Airport

Long flight transfers are not fun, especially if you are tired. Some airports, like the Heathrow in London, have the facility of sleeping pods. You can pay $50 for four hours which is the minimum. Besides sleep, you can take a shower with complimentary body wash and towels. You can easily find out which airports have this facility if you are traveling internationally. Men’s business travel can be exhausting so this is useful.

8.     Picking the Checkpoints

If you travel often, you must know about the frustration of standing in long lines for security checks. You can easily get rid of this long wait. All you need is to pick the checkpoint farthest to the left. Majority people are right handed according to research which means that most prefer the right side. You can do the opposite to save time.

9.     Pack a Light Sweater

It is not uncommon to feel cold at the airport or on the plane. To prevent from feeling uncomfortable, bring a blanket or light sweater. If you don’t happen to use it, you can always use it as a pillow to have a comfortable rest.

10.      Enjoy the Free Things

The best way to get flight upgrades is to take advantage of airplane deals. They often offer flight upgrades on special occasions like honeymoons and birthdays. You can quietly tell the staff; the worst can happen is to get a no.

11.      VIP Airport Lounge

Frequent flyers can use their flyer miles to get a membership to VIP lounges at the airport. Some of these lounges also allow day passes. They have resting places and access to bar and professional staff.

12.      Wearing Luggage

Many times the carry on weight exceeds the limit. To prevent this, wear some of the heaviest layers and take it off once you are past security check.

13.      Fly the Red Eye

If you really want to avoid all the rush at the airports during the day time, you can easily travel at night. You might even actually like this if you don’t mind flights after 10pm. Travel for business can be completed conveniently this way.

14.      Collect Unused Toiletries from the Hotels

Men’s business travel often includes stay at hotels; take advantage of the toiletries they offer. Collect the unused ones as they are great for carry-on during travel. This way you can eliminate the need for reusable bottles and travel liquids.

15.      Use Pre-check or Global Entry     

These are programs that you can utilise to avoid long lines and wait. You can get pre-checked and travel faster into another country. You may also apply for global entry.

16.      The Wonders of Free WiFi

Who doesn’t like free WiFi? Many airports offer this facility these days. This comes in handy for men’s business travel in case you need to stay updated.

17.      Keep Your Glasses On

If you are a lens wearer, you might want to exchange them for glasses. Eyes can get dry during the flight and glasses are helpful for preventing it. this might impact your dress for travel but comfort is important.

18.      Keeping the Hands Clean

Nobody wants to get sick while traveling. It is easy to catch germs on a flight so keep wet wipes and hand sanitizers with you. This is a great way to keep hands clean and the face fresh.

19.      Get Updated with Real-Time Conditions


Before you book a flight or leave your home, you can easily get information about the conditions at a certain airport. You can get updated about delayed flights, long lines and other issues.

20.      Portable Battery Charges

Running out of phone battery? It is easy to find a charging station but they are usually crowded. Therefore, it is convenient to carry a portable battery charger. This way you will never miss anything important if you are in travel for business.

21.      Avoid Taxi Service

You can save money by avoiding a taxi service. You can take a bus or regular metro to reach the airport. If using a car is a must, hire an Uber or Lyft. These services are much cheaper in European countries.

22.      Offline Google Maps

It can be frustrating to get lost in a new place. In case there is no WiFi or data plan is limited, you can download the Google Maps application beforehand. You can make your travel quite convenient by using this application.

These simple tips can save you a lot of hassle and improve your travel experience


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