Style Guide: Improving Your Accessories Game

May 04, 2015

Getting dressed can be pretty simple for us guys; shirt, pants and a pair of shoes. But if you really want to up your game you might want to consider incorporating accessories into your everyday look. An on-point accessory can breathe new life into any ordinary outfit. Let's take a look at some options:


Women are no strangers to wearing jewellery, but there are some men who are extremely reluctant - so we're here to tell you, don't fear the unknown!

Adding some bling to your everyday outfit can do wonders for your look and it can even accentuate your we have your attention now?

Leather is a very popular choice right now; strappy leather bracelets with stainless steel buckles or perhaps a chain link with a strip of leather woven through it, the options are limitless.

A classic simple silver or gold chain hanging off your neck can complement most outfits, just be sure to take notice of the chain width and length, unless you're looking to get the urban rapper look.

And don't neglect those hands; slip on a chunky silver or even a titanium ring.


The shoes on your feet give some insight into your personality - a pair of polished black dress shoes alludes to a dignified man who takes pride in his appearance, whereas wearing your beat up sneakers...well you can conclude that for yourself.

The key to accessorising with shoes is that they should always match your clothing style. You wouldn't wear shiny shoes with a pair of jeans for example.


Your belt doesn't need to be the focal point of your outfit, it's there to enhance your look... and to hold your pants up.

The golden rule is that your belt should match your shoes. And no, your belt doesn't always have to be black, you can always bring some colour into your look - neutral colours normally work best.

Watches and Sunnies

You've probably noticed that wrist watches and shades are the most common go-to male accessories. That is because they're almost effortless to style. 

A statement gold or silver watch pulls together any look, it's timeless and classy and brings about an air of importance. It's definitely worth investing in. 

The same applies with sunnies - not only do they protect your eyes from harsh UV rays but they also add an element of mystery to your look; a large pair of designer sunglasses will go a long way with almost any outfit. 


We've saved this for last because it's not for everybody, but it doesn't hurt to try. Aim to go beyond the snapback or the typical tennis hat and try to spice things up with a fancy fedora hat. It's an interesting way to complete your look with confidence.

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