Business: Get Dressed for Branding

May 07, 2015


The appearance of employees reflects the image of your organisation and has a significant impact on the way it is viewed by your clients and staff members. ​

Smart companies aim to provide employees with comfortable and professional uniforms in order to improve their corporate look, increase productivity and create greater brand equity.

In a comprehensive study for the hospitality industry, uniforms were found to be an important component of the establishment’s brand identity. But it was also found that the uniform’s effect was much greater because it boosted both employee and customer satisfaction. That’s right uniforms can actually boost employee satisfaction.

In his classic book, Dress for Success John Molloy advised that you should dress to match your product. He was advising the individual, so we are going to change it up here for business owners and advise that you dress your employees to match your brand.

Here are a few tips for you:

Involve Employees – Not to dumb down the uniform or make it acceptable, but to assure that they are functional and comfortable. While employees may not like the uniforms, you don’t want them to hate the uniform and dread wearing it.

Educate Employees – Let them know exactly why you are requiring a uniform or dress code.

Think Branding – The uniform is part of the customer experience, and the highest goal of customer experience design is to deliver the brand. Make the uniform look like your brand.

Be Bold – Your employees should stand out from the crowd. If you have a dress code, make sure it clearly distinguishes your employees from customers. If you use uniforms, make sure they don’t look like a form of casual dress.


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