Business: 10 Tips on Improving Your Corporate Look

May 19, 2015

There's no need to dress like the corporate drone just to be taken seriously in the office, here are 10 tips on how to spice up your work wardrobe and climb the corporate ladder with confidence and style.

1. Be Fit

Making sure all your clothes fit your body is essential. Some are lucky enough to buy perfect fitting clothing right off the rack but if that's not you, then don't be afraid to pop over to your local tailor and get all necessary alterations done for that perfect fit.

2. Colour

Corporate wear doesn't have to be a dreary navy suit with dark toned accessories. Add pops of colour to your look with a simple bright hued pocket square or even a pair of colourful patterned socks that peek out from underneath your pant leg. Your efforts won't go unnoticed.

3. Footwear

Add some oxfords, loafers and brogues into your shoe rotation instead of the same old each day. Brown tends to project a more calm and confident attitude which is ideal in a stressful office setting.

4. Accessories

Don't be afraid to accessorise...although keep in mind that less is more. Slip a classic timepiece onto your wrist and you're good to go! That's all it takes, a little goes a long way.

5. Tie

Your tie is the centrepiece of your look, after all, it's hanging right off your neck. Avoid the dark silk tie and opt for a vibrant light hued one. Woollen ties are becoming increasingly popular as they add a bit of texture to your ensemble.

6. Briefcase

We're not talking about the old fashioned rock hard bulky briefcases, the slim profiled ones are very in right now.

7. Add some warmth

You don't need to be rigid with your corporate look and only depend on your suit to keep you warm during the cooler months - mix things up by wearing a light coloured scarf or a cardigan underneath your jacket.

8. Make the switch

Sub out a formal portion of your look with something more informal to give you a break from the traditional corporate mentality. Simply replace your suit pants for some navy chinos or the jacket for a blazer. The sky's the limit!

9. Shirts

We've touched on this on a previous post and we'll do it again, dress up a polo shirt with your suit instead of a dress shirt. However, for those rocking the dress shirt, try a pink or violet one rather than your standard white.

10. Grooming

This is vital when it comes to your appearance; a close shave, a bit of stubble in all the right places and a nice haircut will make it seem like you go the extra mile to look good. Lumberjack beards are not a good look in the office.

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