Groom's Guide: How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Ring

May 19, 2015

There's always been a big brouhaha surrounding the pressure to choose the perfect engagement ring - so much so that finding the right wedding ring often gets overlooked. You're likely to spend a fair bit of money on this very important piece of jewellery that you both intend to wear for the rest of your lives - so you may as well put some effort into your selection.

Step One

Before you begin, you must put some consideration into your budget. The wedding bands will burn a hole in your pocket regardless, but it doesn't necessarily have to be that expensive.

The first step when selecting a ring is choosing the metal. Wedding bands are traditionally yellow gold, however, there are many more options that are becoming increasingly popular such as rose gold - which has copper mixed in for that rose colour finish.

Platinum is also getting increasingly favoured but it can be quite pricey so if you like the look of it but don't want to overspend, consider the alternative palladium which looks quite similar.


It's vital to put some thought into yours and your new bride's lifestyle. Is she an active woman who enjoys a lot of outdoor sports or is she more laid back? Consider her everyday work, is there likely to be wear and tear on her hands or does she have an office job where this would be less of an issue?

Should you choose yellow gold, opt for 9ct or 14ct - as 22ct can be quite soft and may potentially be more prone to damage. On the other hand, one of the most bulletproof metals is platinum, it's rather expensive but guaranteed to last scratch-free.

If you want to keep it interesting, wow your bride to be with a titanium ring, they are very distinct and scratch-resistant, not to mention they feel quite light.


There are a number of things to consider when determining what kind of a ring to get. It's useful if you've talked with your bride to be about her preferences or if someone close to her can give you some insight.

Some thoughts to consider are; whether she'll want her wedding band to match her engagement ring. Some women don't wear them together and some do, some want them to complement each other and some like a distinctiveness between the two.

Are matching wedding rings something you or she would like? Or do you prefer a visible difference in celebration of your different personalities.

Consider her favourite stones to accessorise the ring. Embrace your stealth and take a peek into her jewellery box, see what kind of ring styles she already has for some clues.

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Size Guide

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