Business: Women Dressing in the Work Place

May 26, 2015

Ensuring you look sharp in a corporate environment?

Women are striding in the workplace, yet choosing what to wear to business dinners, meetings or just to the office can be a challenge.In a business world where first impressions count for everything and people are sizing you up and down, your personal appearance and your clothing are very significant.

Forgetting Your Audience

Remember to dress for the organisation that you work for, avoiding attire that contradicts with the corporate culture.

Banks and Investment organisations still require conservative and classic suits, mostly in calm neutral colours, while creativity and individual flair are appreciated in areas such as media, TV or advertising. You canalways pick up ideas from the corporate dressing culture at your workplace.Remember, what works in one place might not fly so good in another. Don’t be scared to modify your wardrobe to fit your office culture.

Wearing the same look time after time.

While it’s convenient to stick with what has worked for you in the past, this is the fastest way to look like youhaven't made a serious effort.

Instead, vary where you shop and vary the designers you wear to create appearances that are fresh.Update your office look by mixing different cutting-edge brands. Buy a blazer from one designer and pair it with pants from another.Remember, thefoundation to any wardrobe begins with great basics, and this applied with your corporate wear. Very important: The perfect fitting shirts and a great suit in your most complimentary colours are definite wardrobe essentials. 

Forgetting to pay Attention to Fit

Avoid attire that too skimpy or too tight. If your dressing is overly revealing, you may have problems getting the attention you require.When choosing corporate outfits, stick to items with a modern cut and avoid anything that is ill-fitting or too big. Wearing clothes that fit you well will always give you that extra boost of confidence that will always help you be ahead of your colleagues and peers.

Going Timeless

Unless you work in fashion, fashion forward and trend setting outfits can overshadow your work achievements.According to most corporate stylists, women tend not to give themselves the freedom to express their own style. While its best not to truly stand out in the work place, Ladiesshouldn't be afraid to take a risk now and then with colour and fabrics that express their own style. Remember,you're not trying to dress like a business man. You are a business woman.

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