Travel: A 3 Step Guide on Dressing for Business Travel

February 02, 2016

The first thing that comes to mind when someone mentions travel is flying over to exotic foreign countries, cruising on a gondola in Venice, sipping on a mimosa in Maui or hiking the Swiss alps. So it's no wonder business trips don't necessarily rile you up with excitement...and we don't blame you. Particularly when you have to consider cramming all your nicest suits in a small, compact travel bag.

Let us alleviate some of the stress with our guide to travelling light and in effortless style:

What to Bring

Just because it's a "business trip" doesn't mean you need to be all business all the time, don't be afraid to dilute the formal with a little informal.

Other than packing your best suit for those boardroom meetings, take something that you can mix and match with when you're in a semi-casual setting. A pair of khaki chino's are a versatile item to bring along, they can be dressed up or down, simply swap them out with your suit pants for when you're off the clock.

Pack a sweater for those post-meeting outings, they're warm and they'll keep you looking sharp. Wear it over your dress shirt and suit pants for a smart casual look or wear them with chinos for more laid back occasions.

Don't bring more than two pairs of shoes, a pair of loafers and oxford's will be more than enough to cover all your needs!

When you're picking out your clothes, make sure to pick out neutral solid colours, you're more than likely to be a repeat offender during your travels so wearing clothes that don't have eye catching patterns which people will remember is a must. That way, you can mix and match the same clothes a couple of times while staying under the radar.

Space Saving

Sometimes when you have restrictions placed upon the availability of all your comforts, you'll find yourself trying to squeeze in things you never use anyway. We're all a little guilty of that. A good tip is to wear the bulky clothes on you whilst travelling, and packing away the thin stuff instead. Pack your socks and underwear in the void spaces such as your shoes, whilst wrapping your belt along the length of your bag rather than rolling it up into a chunky wheel.

Lastly, consider rolling your clothes into neat tubes to save space and to prevent creases.

Staying Clean and Wrinkle Free

First and foremost, put your shoes in a plastic grocery bag to protect your clothes. Unpack your bags the second you get to your hotel room! The longer your clothes stay cramped in your bag, the more wrinkled they'll become.

Invest in a mini portable iron if you're not sure that the hotel will have one (you can call to find out ahead of time). If none of those two options work out, try hanging your clothes in the bathroom when you take a hot shower - the steam ought to loosen the wrinkles and straighten them out!


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