March 22, 2018

On a day that will likely be the most important of your life, you naturally want to be surrounded with people who are of great significance to you such as friends and family. But then there are those that we're compelled to invite out of your weird uncle.

You must first consider your overall budget when putting together your guest list, so that you know how many people you can actually afford to pay for. The other vital component is the capacity of your chosen venue. Some venues have a minimum and maximum head count so triple check your numbers before sending out the invitations.

Immediate Family and Co

Let's begin with the inner circle. This group consists of the people in the bride and groom's every day life - the immediate family which includes your siblings, parents and grandparents. In addition, you've got the best friend of each side as well as the significant others of all the people listed above.

Obligatory Guests

This group is considered obligatory because of the potential tension that may arise should you decide to not include them on your special day, this becomes problematic because there's a high likelihood that you will encounter these people again with said tension lingering between you.

In this category, you have your aunts and uncles, first cousins, distant relatives as well as close ones that you've simply lost touch with and friends that you see somewhat regularly.

The Outer Circle

You need to remember that this is your day and you shouldn't feel burdened by etiquette to invite those which dwell in the outer circle, after all, it's you who will feel the financial liability of these people's presence.

Work colleagues - although you may have a great working relationship with them - you've probably never spent time with them socially and should your mutual employment end, there's a chance you won't keep in touch. If that sounds like you, then an invite is not necessary.

Casual friends are people you will happily have a chat with when you bump into them at the grocery store but you're quite content having a silent friendship on Facebook and therefore probably don't require an invite.

The respectful etiquette for a "plus one" is to allow them for any guests that are in a serious long-term relationship, the other exception is allowing a guest that won't know anyone to bring a friend along for company.

The bride and groom have a right to choose if they want children present at their wedding, the location is an important factor in this decision, if it's not safe then it might be a good idea to leave them out. However, their presence could give a familial feel to your wedding. The choice is yours. 

Once you've finalise the guest list, you'll want to ensure you look your best on the big day. Here are some ideas on what to wear, depending on the invitation.  And be inspired by some of our Made to Measure ceremony outfits. Check it out at


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