Style Guide: 5 New Ways to Wear a Suit

March 21, 2016

A man's suit is the height of his elegance and formality. Everybody knows the traditional sense of how to wear a suit - we all most likely pull off the usual navy number with a crisp white shirt and a silk tie to pull it all together. But there are other ways and styles to try when it comes to suits - here's our top five suggestions:

1. Replace one of the three typical components that make up a suit and just stick to the outer shell. Instead of the dress shirt, slip into a suave v-neck jumper and throw on a dark cashmere scarf to keep you warm in the cooler seasons. Alternatively, if you want to look a little less busy you can simply wear a roll-neck sweater. In the warmer months, opt for a cotton tee or polo shirt to help keep you cool.

2. Every gent loves a chance to break out their denims, and why not, they're often one of the most comfortable things you'll own. Be sure that they're a good pair, not washed out or dragging at the heels of your foot - the darker the better. Wear them with a blazer and a dress shirt for a more casual look - leaving behind the tie and perhaps undoing the top two buttons of your collar. In additional, this look also allows for versatility with your shoes, giving you the option to swap out the dress shoes for loafers or high end sneakers.

3. Try mixing and matching your suits - you make your own rules! If you have a dark solid coloured suit and one featuring a window pane pattern, there's no reason why you can't wear half of both! Wear a beige coloured patterned blazer with your navy suit pants and a basic black tee for a refreshing new look.

4. Everything seems to be the new black lately, things go in and out of trend yet true black has always remained in fashion. It's loved for its slimming effect, its mystique and its simplicity. All black suits are becoming increasingly popular, it's a very modern take on suit wearing. However, beware of looking a little funereal. Avoid this by adding a splash of light-heartedness to your attire, for example, ensure your accessory game is on point with a statement watch or a bright coloured pocket square. 

5. Leave the jacket in your wardrobe and pair up your dark suit pants with an earth tones dress shirt and a sweater on top for an effortless smart look. You'll look classic but still have a dash of vibrant hues poking out from under your sweater for a new and creative feel. The tie is optional in this case, depending on your dress code requirements.

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