Lifestyle: 7 Things to Know Before Investing in a Luxury Watch

June 08, 2015

Owning at least one luxury watch is practically a rite of passage. A watch can say a lot about a man and his character, taste and success. So once you've made the decision to purchase one of your very own, you'll soon realise that it can be quite a costly investment, as well as a difficult one. There are plenty of options with a varying price range, so how do you know which one is the right one to splurge on? Hopefully our tips will be able to offer you some insight.


If you're thinking of dropping a large chunk of change on a luxury watch, it's worth educating yourself on the different movements a watch uses to tell the time. Quartz watches are battery operated, very accurate and require almost no maintenance apart from changing the battery. The battery sends power to the quartz crystal which creates vibrations that move the hands on the watch. Manual mechanical movements are the preferred type by watch enthusiasts due to the expert craftsmanship from the watchmakers. These need to be wound manually almost daily by you to provide power to the watch. Automatic mechanical watches are much like the manual ones except they are automatically wound by the wearer's natural movements throughout the day.


Coming back to this point often makes us feel like nags but knowing your financial limits is important when you're about to make a hefty purchase. Work out a figure that you're comfortable with and then browse for your new watch within that price range. Be firm, especially when dealing with a watch dealer that may be working on a commission. Your watch doesn't have to be ridiculously expensive to serve its purpose.


You hear us preach all the time on the importance of a well-fitting suit, well the same applies to your new timepiece. The strap portion of the watch should fit on your wrist comfortably snug. Having it too loose will make it prone to scratches as it moves up and down your arm, whilst having it too tight may wear out the strap.


If you're an avid watch collector, you probably have one for every type of occasion, but if buying a luxury watch is a sporadic occurrence then we advise getting one that has a versatile style. A classic, refined timepiece on your wrist that you can wear with a suit or to the park is a great investment - something with a plain uncluttered silver face or a brown strap should do the trick.

They Depreciate

If you intend to buy a watch with the intention of reselling it after you've used it, beware, much like cars, watches also depreciate. There are some high-end timepieces that retain their value and some that don't. Before you make a decision, compare prices of brand new watches against the same watch that is second-hand.

They Need Servicing

Make sure you don't neglect your luxury watch. Just like your vehicle, your watch needs to be serviced to keep all those little motors and parts in good working order. Generally, it's due for a service when it starts telling you the time inaccurately - be sure to take it to a professional watch servicer to guarantee that the job is done right.


Much like when you're deciding on a movie or a new TV show to watch, a user review can greatly assist you in weeding out the bad from the good. Reviews can make you aware of any serial faultiness in a particular product; wearing out too quick, prone to failing, bad craftsmanship, etc. Ensure that you do your research!


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