Groom's guide: 3 Essential tips for Planning your Bucks Party

June 16, 2015

Being the Best Man can feel like a great honour, after all the groom considers you his closest mate and that can be a great feeling. That great feeling lasts until you suddenly realise the onset of responsibilities that you now carry; including the "funny" best man wedding speech and planning an epic bucks party! Our guide below will certainly help when it comes to planning a stress-free bachelor's party: 

The Date

Despite what you've seen in Hollywood movies, the bachelor party should never take place the night before the wedding. You don't want to risk any misadventure occurring the night before that may potentially affect the next day.

Depending on what you've planned, the groom will need his recovery time, being hungover on his wedding day or god forbid, late, is not how he'll want to remember it.

It's your duty as the best man to keep the groom from engaging in things he'll regret later.

The Invite List

The bachelor party should ideally consist of an elite group of the groom's closest friends - people that get along and aren't afraid to have a good time.

Feel free to consult the groom on inviting the bride's male family members or his own, he may prefer to leave out the father figures and only invite the brothers and cousins. After all, not every groom is able to let his hair down and misbehave with his father right there.

Picking the Right Destination

When the pressure is on to pick a location, remember that the key to selecting the right place is always the groom; the bachelor party is for him so you have to take into consideration his personality, hobbies and limits.

If you choose to, you may meet up with the groom and run a few ideas by him or ask him for some input, however, if you would rather the events of the night remain a mystery to him then you can simply ask him what the acceptable cut off point is and then lean on the groomsmen for brainstorming.

If your best friend is a low-key, quiet guy who likes to stay in and keep to himself, a local intimate setting might suit him better; a night in the city and checking into a hotel for overnight shenanigans.

If the groom likes to get out and has a healthy social life, a weekend trip to another state or some sports activities may suffice. It'll be fun and memorable for all involved.

However, if your groom is a wild party animal who's got more friends than you can even begin to remember then a grandiose celebration is a must; overseas travels and hitting the hot spots like the infamous Las Vegas might be preferable. This will take a lot more planning and funds so plan well ahead!


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