Groom's Guide: Eight Wedding Speech Tips for Grooms

June 16, 2015

It's the dreaded task that most people fear and avoid - public speaking. There are those few extroverted, confident individuals that are unfazed by talking in front of a large crowd - but if you're not one of those lucky few and you've got a groom's speech to deliver, fear not, we've got you covered.

Here are a few tips that will hopefully get rid of those pre-wedding speech jitters.

1. Traditionally, the father of the bride speaks first, then the groom so be sure to start off with them. Thank them for "giving you their blessing", mention their positives and how privileged you feel to be a part of their family.

2. Thank your family - although they're thrilled that you've found your happiness in life, it'll also be an emotional day for them, after all their son's wedding day signifies him leaving their nest and starting a family of his own. 

3. The groom's speech doesn't need to be a 10 minute stand up comedy show. It's acceptable if your speech is on heartfelt and sincere side of the spectrum. If you feel comfortable to drop a few one liners, feel free to do so, just make it tasteful and not at the expense of your new wife - light hearted teasing works best!

4. Show gratitude on behalf of you and your bride to all your guests, the bridesmaids and groomsmen for making the effort to spend the day celebrating an important milestone in your life.

5. Don't drink before the speech, a glass or two of champagne in celebration is fine but don't overdo it, there's nothing charming about a loaded groom slurring his speech.

6. Don't be stone faced, smile instead. A smile is infectious and it's much easier to give a speech with hundreds of people smiling back at you.

7. We've saved the most vital tip for last - dedicate a portion of your speech to your bride. Refer to her as your wife, that always warms the cockles of everyone's heart. Mention all her great attributes, express your love for her and you can even tell a humorous story about how you met.

8. End your speech with a toast to your new wife. It'll make her feel like she's the star of the show and centre of attention.

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