Groom's Guide: Marital Advice from Experienced Husbands

March 21, 2016

We can all agree that marriage is fulfilling, joyous and also quite difficult. We're all different and we all butt heads at one point or another but having a marital partner forces us to work through our differences and reach a compromise. How do you do this?

We asked a few experienced husbands for their all important marriage advice and here's what they had to say:

Keep Dating

The courting period does not end after the wedding ceremony. Staying in every night, not heading out to experience new things will cause your relationship to feel stale and routine-like. Going out and having one-on-one time keeps a marriage alive and fun! It's when you're out that you can maintain the practice of chivalry; opening doors, pulling out chairs, etc.

Changing Your Spouse

The biggest mistake a spouse can make is attempting to change their other half. If you wish for your partner to be a reflection of you, you might as well stay single and enjoy your own company.

While attempting to alter her, you risk filing away her self-worth - an ideal marriage is when both parties feel happy with themselves, so appreciate and embrace your differences.


If you only remember one point from all of this, heed this - respect! Your wife is your partner, your equal so by no means should you condescend as if they are beneath you. This goes beyond the 'please' and 'thank you's', it's about dividing housework fairly, making decisions with 50/50 input and being considerate.

Challenge yourself to sustain your respect during a disagreement, you'll be amazed how quickly a dispute can be resolved if you both respect each other's opinions and drop the name-calling.

Learn How to Disagree

Accept the fact that you are two different people with different thoughts, During an argument, rationale goes out the window and we revert back to childish insults and the blame game. Before you know it, the minor dispute escalates because we get angry over the attitude and that fuels the rage making us forget about the initial problem, thus taking twice as long to resolve. It's okay to have a difference of opinion so learn the art of compromise.


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