Groom's Guide: How to Pack for Your Honeymoon

June 28, 2015

The average gent will take many vacations in his lifetime but - if all goes well - he'll only take one as a newlywed on his honeymoon. The honeymoon is an extension of the wedding so planning ahead is absolutely crucial to guarantee that it's as memorable and as stress-free as your wedding day.

So how do you stay stylish without needing an endless supply of clothing to accompany you on the trip? Here's our advice on what and how to choose what you'll be packing for your honeymoon:

Many couples dream of a summer or spring wedding where they tie the knot underneath the sun's soft warmth, surrounded by plantations in full bloom - it certainly makes those outdoor wedding photos look extra special. As a result, the warm weather is taken advantage of during the honeymoon to fly to an exotic sunny resort and sip on margaritas, enjoying a bubbling spa with an incredible view of your surroundings - as well as your new wife of course!

No matter where you're travelling to, you'll definitely be fine dining at least a handful of times so packing a fine selection of garments is critical. You don't need to go full suit on your getaway to match the formal intensity of her evening dress, perhaps just some pressed formal pants and a crisp white dress shirt. If you fear that'll look too dull, you can always add a nice vest to polish off your look.

If a sandy beach-side is in your itinerary, be sure to pack at least 3 swim shorts - to allow adequate washing and drying time, particularly if your new Mrs is a big beach fan. A pair of sandals or thongs, a basic tee or even a Hawaiian shirt will suffice if you really want to get into the spirit.

An adrenaline adventure couple will typically go to locations that are adorned in breathtaking mountains and great stretches of natural land just begging to be explored. If that sounds like you and your lady, pack durable clothes fit to withstand abnormal strain and to protect your skin. Avoid cotton as it absorbs moisture and will start to feel uncomfortably damp.

Even though you've got a list of things planned for your time away, it's inevitable that you'll want to go explore the new area and visit some places that you've never seen before. It's situations like these that a man needs to look sharp and casual at the same time.

A few pairs of chinos, some polo’s and some v-necks are all versatile clothes that you can easily mix and match - meaning you can get many outfits out of just a few items of clothing.


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