September 20, 2016

It's often said that the interviewer makes up their mind up about us in the first 7 seconds. It's also widely speculated that the recruiter has decided whether or not you're hired before you even get a chance to sit down. So it's important that you don't just rely on having an exceptional resume - invest some time and effort into your overall look with our top 4 tips below...


The scale of formality ultimately depends on the type of work you’re applying for. If the form of work you’re seeking is corporate business, a well fitting suit and tie will do the trick. Be bold and wear a charcoal grey suit as opposed to the typical navy blue, you’ll be sure to catch their eye.

If the work is semi-casual, wear something smart. Suit pants with a sweater over a dress shirt will do just fine - go for deep and rich colours like burgundy.


Cleanliness goes beyond having a shower the morning of your interview. Iron your clothes the night before and keep your jacket on the back of your seat on the way to the interview so it doesn’t crease. Additionally, ensure that your clothes remain stain free and don't neglect the shoes - it's worth taking a few extra minutes to apply some shoe polish to get rid of any dirt or scuff marks.

An employer values an employee with attention to detail, begin proving that you possess this quality during the interview stage.


The aim of the game in an interview is to present the best version of yourself, grooming often gets overlooked when we put on some nice clothes thinking it'll take us all the way. Grooming is the window to your hygiene routine and personality.

Clean shaven is usually preferred but if you're a beard and moustache kind of guy, consider shaving it off until you get the job and have passed all trial periods before growing it back. Alternatively, you can leave a bit of a stubble but ensure that it looks well maintained and neat. Don't forget to comb your hair!


This needs to be kept to a minimum. Lose any body piercing you may have such as earrings, it's not an impressive look especially in the corporate world. Your finest timepiece will do the job just fine, a luxury watch indicates success and power which are good attributes to a potential new employee.

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