Style Guide: Four Fashion Items you should Invest in.

July 21, 2016

Clothes aren’t cheap… well, good, quality clothes at least. And when you’re out shopping for new threads, the biggest question is how much should you spend on new clothes. Unless you’re an international soccer player that can buy anything you want on a whim, you’re probably on a budget and may be limited on what you can spend on your next shopping trip.

To help you figure out if you should spend more on an item of clothing, you need to ask yourself if you’ll wear it more than a handful of times. To justify an expensive piece, you need to figure out its wear worth. If it's a trendy piece that won’t last a few seasons, skip it. But if it’s something that you see yourself wearing a lot, it’s worth its price tag, especially if it’s a basic essential for your closet.

Here are a few items that are definitely worth the investment and therefore you shouldn't question the quality or price (but hopefully you’ll score them on sale, which will satisfy your closet and your wallet). These pieces never go out of style and you’ll get a lot of use out of them.No wardrobe will be complete without these investment pieces:

 1. Jackets and Coats

You’ll always need a jacket or a coat during the winter or when it’s cold out, so these are definitely considered investment pieces since you’ll wear them year after year. When you find a favorite jacket or coat, spend the extra money for one that has style and quality. To tell if it’s made well, check the way its been stitched and the internal lining of the garment. If you see any looses stitching or cheaper polyester lining, you'll know it’s cheap. Make sure the jacket or coat fits you well and feels good on your skin.

To get longevity from your jacket or coat, remember to skip trendy pieces, and opt for simple, classic designs that won’t go out of style.

2.Tuxedos and Suits

You’re bound to go to a few formal occasions during your lifetime so investing in either a suit or tuxedo (especially if you frequent black tire affairs often) is a must. A good suit will take you far and you’ll be able to use it for work, weddings, formal occasions and just about any other function that requires you to be dressed to the nines! Again, opt for classic pieces and styles, as well as traditional colours like black, charcoalor blue to get the most use out of them.

3. Great Shoes

A man can never have too many shoes, but when it comes to money, you get what you pay for. remember the old saying, "you can tell a man by his shoes!" When selecting the right type of shoes, focus on comfort before style. When you have comfort, you know you’ll also get quality and this is true for dress shoes and sneakers alike. Good footwear is essential for completing your look and your style, while also complimenting your health since it can affect your posture, as well as your mood.

4. Timeless Watch

A watch for a man is like a diamond to a woman. It’s an investment you’ll most likely have for a very long time. And like a woman’s diamond ring, you will always have the opportunity to sell a quality timepiece if needed, or exchange it for something new. A good watch is an investment all men should make at least once in their lifetime! Again, go for a classic piece so that you can wear your favorite tee shirt and jeans, or with when you suit up for a business meeting or any formal affair.


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