August 24, 2018

Although formals aren’t mandatory obligations for high school students, they are fun nights that will create memories that will last a lifetime.

Everyone should experience a formal at least once since it’s a milestone in your school career. If you’re looking forward to having a memorable formal night, here are some tips on how to make that happen:

1. Confidently ask your date to go with you
Don’t be shy and try to beat around the bush when it comes to asking your date out. Instead, ask you out confidently. The last thing you want to do is send out mixed signals. And do it in person instead of over the phone, through a text or via social media. If you really want to make it special, do something cool like take her on a date, then ask her. Or buy her flowers and present them when asking her in front of her friends.

2. Ask what she’s wearing
To make your photos look amazing, ask your date what  she’s wearing so that you can complement her with the way your dress. This way, you’ll show her you went the extra mile in making sure you are the in touch and super cool couple of the formal.

3. Ask what flower arrangement she prefers
You should definitely ask her if she wants a wristlet corsage or one that pins on her dress. She might even want a small bouquet, so make sure you know her preference.

4. Find balance at the formal.
Even though you’re there with your date, you might still want to spend some time with your friends, so you’ll need to strike a balance between the two. Don’t completely abandon your date for your friends and don’t blow off your friends for you date. Make sure to ask your date if it’s okay that you go mingle with your friends for a bit or even ask her to join you!

5. Be chivalrous
You’ll want to be a perfect gentleman on your date, so make sure you up your charm! Get the door for her and check her coat and don’t forget to help he with her chair! If she says no, at least you asked and that speaks volumes!


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