Travel: Four simple rules to avoid travel STRESS.

August 02, 2016

Avoid Travel Stress with These Simple Rules.

Are you planning a trip soon? You might be heading out of town for work or simply taking a week off for a bit of R&R… Well, whatever it is, getting ready to travel isn’t always easy. Gearing up for your trip can be frustrating since you might be wrecking your brain trying to figure out what to pack and bring for the trip.

If you’re looking for a stress-free trip, we’ve got some simple rules that will make all of your travels a whole lot easier! And even if you’re already a frequent traveler, who has most likely picked up a few good ideas on traveling, you’ll appreciate some of these tips that will make you a master at packing.

  1. Go-To Travel-Day Outfit

The last thing you want to do is try and figure out what you’ll be wearing for that early flight the next morning only to realize it isn’t exactly comfy in the middle of the flight. Instead of trying to choose something the morning of your travel day, it’s better to create your go-to travel ensemble beforehand so that you know it’s going to be super comfy no matter what. And, by doing this you’ll save time in the AM and won’t have to worry about running late.

We recommend that you choose something that includes a long-sleeved layer that you can easily remove since the plane can get quite chilly while at 35000 feet. You’ll want something comfy, yet stylish. Choose comfortable shoes and minimal jewelry so that you can get through the security lines with out any problems.

  1. Tech-Only Box or Pocket

Don’t stress about forgetting your phone or tablet’s charger at home by creating a tech-only box or pocket so that every charger you’ll ever need on your travels is included in there. This way you’re always ready for any travel trips (plan, car, train, etc.) and you won’t ever lose charge. Use a small pouch or dedicate a pocket of your bag for all your cords (you can even go as far as having two of everything and just leaving them in the pocket for all your future travels). Besides your chargers, you might want to also include some ear buds, international power adapter and an extra USB.

  1. Security Squeeze Set-Up

Security lines suck and can make you late for your plane if you don’t plan your arrival time out right, so make sure that you get through in a breeze by being prepared. Wear comfy shoes and layers that you can remove with no problems and get a bag that is security friendly with lots of outside-facing pouches so that you can remove anything you need to go through screening like phones, laptops and more.

  1. Print Out Travel Itinerary Info

Although you might have everything you need on your electronic device, you never know when your phone or tablet’s juice will run out, so it’s good to be prepared with a print out of everything just in case. The print out should include your flight info, hotel info, etc. so that you have it all in case anything happens. You might also want to jot down things like medications you take, ID numbers, hotel rewards accounts and anything else that might be relevant for your trip so that you have them on hand.

With these tips, you’ll be able to make traveling a lot easier and stress free so that you can simply breeze through security and chill the entire flight instead of panicking that you forgot something!


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