November 02, 2017

According to Kristi Richardson, a renowned wedding planner, ‘Weddings are not about spending the least amount of money or the most amount of money; they are about spending good money on the elements that are important to you and your partner’.

Spring and Summer are the most common seasons to have a wedding. The months from September through to February allow people to plan their wedding on brilliant and exquisite venues, while savoring their teeth on mouthwatering and exotic recipes.

For the attendees, one of the most devastating scenarios is choosing what to wear to a summer wedding. Summer weddings are an eye-catching series of events, especially when they are held in the outdoor venues. In Australia, where the summer can bring scorching heat, you need to make sure you wear something suitable to the ambiance, in order to make sure you dont sweat to a pulp – rather than enjoying yourself!

You need to wear attire which not only compliments your personality, but also blends with the theme of the wedding.

Since many wedding attendees are not properly familiar with what they can wear to a summer wedding, here are 7 of the most common, yet effective tips, which can help you, stand out amidst all the other attendees at a summer wedding!

  1. Read (And Heed) The Invitation


A wedding invitation is your first clue when it comes to pulling together the correct  look for the occasion – so make sure you read over the details and check to see if the soon to be wedded couple have specified a dress code.

“The most important thing to bear in mind when attending a wedding is that you respect the dress code stated on the invitation,”

Determine which type of wedding you’re attending. There are basically four types of wedding – black tie wedding, cocktail attire, the afternoon wedding and a beach wedding.

You need to make sure you consider a list of things, such as the venue, the theme, the time of the day and most importantly – the type of the wedding.

If you’re participating as a guest of the groom, you need to make sure that your attire separates you from the other guests. Hence, make sure to follow the tips mentioned above, in order to stand out in the next summer wedding you attend!

  1. Keep It Personal

The most important step you can take is to personalise whatever you wear! If you have been given a dress code, it doesn’t mean that you have to strictly follow it, and shed all your personality. Whether it’s simple formal wear or a print shirt, make sure to add your personal touch to it .

3. Never Upstage the Groom

With that said, you’ll want to stop short of stealing the spotlight from the main man. “The most common rule for female wedding guests is to refrain from upstaging the bride – and the same applies to men,”

That means no three piece tuxedo's for relatively informal weddings and definitely stowing away that casual jacket number for another summer soiree. 

  1. Review the Destination and Venue

One of the most important things you need to consider in order to pick the perfect fit for a summer wedding is the location and venue. Determine that if it is a beach wedding, the best option would be to wear something which is gripping such as a linen pant and a linen shirt. However, if it’s a wedding reception center or anything similar to it, a formal dress code would be the best option you need to go after!

The Top Three Wedding Looks

  1. Black Tie

Few summer weddings will require you dress up in a tux, but if you’re attending one that’s taking place in the evening rather than the afternoon, then this is a possibility.

Presuming you’re not part of the wedding party, black tie means a tuxedo. 

Colour wise, you have two options: classic black or midnight blue. The former is timeless and fits the dress code exactly but the latter makes for an arguably more interesting option if you think the dress code allows it.

As for accessories, a black bow tie, cummerbund, and a pair of perfectly shined black dress shoes or velvet slippers will round the look out perfectly. Finish off with a white buttonhole pin for a subtle flourish:

  1. A Two- Or Three-Piece Suit

The ultimate all-rounder. For the vast majority of weddings, a two- or three-piece suit will perfectly satisfy the requirements of the dress code, and they can also be worn several times over provided you switch up your shirt and accessories.

Lightweight materials like linen, cotton and cotton - blends will serve you well for weddings during summer months, while Cool Wool and cotton-wool blend styles are preferable if the marriage is taking place somewhere where summer heat is relatively moderate.

For a versatile suit that won’t date any time soon, opt for a colour classic colour such as blue or grey. For something that stands out, however, try white jacket with black trousers or something in a richer hue like cobalt or petrol blue.

Whether you opt for classic or contemporary, layer your suit over a crisp, freshly ironed white or sky blue shirt (long-sleeved unless it’s scorching outside) and team with a complementary coloured lightweight tie (if required), a tonal or printed pocket square and your favourite footwear silhouette – everything goes here, from driving shoes to double-monk straps.

  1. Tailored Separates

For less formal weddings, take advantage of a relaxed dress code by switching up your suiting. 

Decide on colours: shades of blue and grey, from dark to light, and softer neutrals like beige, stone and ecru all mix and match well together, while like baby blue look great with white.

Or try a blue/navy single - or double-breasted blazer with a pair of trousers in white/off-white and a white shirt.

As for the finishing touches – i.e. accessories and footwear – it really depends on the look you are going for, but suffice to say, you should be leaning towards smart-casual rather than formal in this case:

Final Word

With so many smartphones camera's snapping you at every opportunity throughout the day, you’ll want to make sure your wedding wear is fully appropriate but thoughtfully individual as well.


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