November 02, 2017

Choosing a perfect pair of sunglasses which best suits your face is not as simple as you may think. There is a wide variety available in the market. So how will you choose the one which will look best on you?

The first step is to figure out the shape of your face. It can be round, oval or square.

Ask a friend to help you out in identifying the shape of your face. After completing this step, you will be able to pick the pair which is in accordance with your face shape.

Sunglasses are not only a style statement but it is the way through which you can complete the overall look of your outfit. It is said that the eyes are the windows to your soul, and if this phrase is true then the name “shades” given to sunglasses is perfect.

Read on to get a detailed information about the selection process.

Step 1

Face shapes:

The first step, before you consider colour and style, is to identify the shape of your face. The different types of face shape are as follows:

Round face:

Round face is the one with undefined jaw structure with equal lines at both sides. Men with this type of face shape should not select shades which are rounded or big in structure like aviators. A rounded face requires sunglasses like Wayfarers or any kind of rectangular styles, to help compliment the shape of your face.

Oval face:

Men with oval faces are lucky enough to wear any kind or style of sunglasses. Always select a style which best suits the occasion and try and go for the styles which are proportionate to your face size. 

Heart face:

Men with a heart shape face have to focus on the correct style to select the perfect pair of sunglasses.Because of the narrower chin, they should select the ones which provide the best contrast. To complete your summer style, choose ones with rimless frames. You can also choose a round frame which will add a balance to the face.

Square face:

Men with square shaped face have projecting jaws and foreheads. It’s best to balance the face with round or curved frames. Aviators are the best frame for square faced men.

Long face:

 Long faces are the perfect for oversized frames. As this type of face will some width  to keep the face balanced with the sunglasses. If you have a long face, choose Wayfarers. 

Step 2

Types of frames:

The next step after deciding your face shape is the selection of frames. The market is full of sunglasses which have different frames. 


Wayfarers is a type of frame which is slightly thick. . Before you buy one, try it on to check if it suits your face shape. These are best for round, oval and long faces. The key brands which offer Wayfarers are Jeepers Peepers, Ray-Ban and Oakley.

Club masters:

Club masters are a classic vintage style. These are the best for square, oval, heart and round shaped face. 


Aviators are one of the classic sunglasses frames. Best suited for oval and square shaped faces. Brands from where you can get a good quality aviator includes Tom Ford, Ray-Ban, and Oliver Peoples etc.

Step 3

Selection of colours:

After you identify the shape of your face and the style of sunglasses which will complement you, the final step is the selection of colour. Unfortunately, not all colours are best for men.You need to decide which colour will best go with the frame and your skin tone.

Black is always the safest colour and can be used by anyone.  Black gives a much formal look and subdues men with pale complexion. 

When you talk about colours, don’t only think about the colour of frames. Lenses also come in different shades to make your look more complete. Again, selecting the colour for lenses is difficult. Don’t ever think of matching your lenses with the colour of your shirt or pants. This will only give a look of over consideration or it may ruin your overall attire. Choose different coloured lenses for different occasions like champagne coloured for a formal look and a tint of rose colour for an outdoor informal look.

Final verdict:

With all the above considerations, you will be able to find a perfect pair of for your summer style. All you need to do is select a pair and then wait for the sun to show up.


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