December 02, 2016

As summers approaches and temperatures escalate, the heat gets everyone grabbing for their T-shirts. The T-shirt is the most common summer menswear go to.

But today, we want you to get to know the more decent, strong and well-dressed cousin of the tee: The POLO.

If someone wants to beat the heat, without compromising on summer style & comfort, while looking put together in the most casual manner,  a mens polo shirt is the way to go. But the art of adorning it right requires some knowledge. If you don’t know the basics, you could end up looking not-so-nicely dressed, when this is exactly what you dont want.

So here’s or simple 4 step guide to help you understand the way a mens polo should be worn:

The Backside – Pay attention:

Commonly, the usual pique (weave of cotton that happens to add texture) mens polo is longer in the back and shorter in the front, designed so to stop the polo popping out of your pants when you bend over. But if you adorn you polo untucked which is regularly recommended, the polo can become whats know as the menswearmullet. So when buying a polo, if its back length covers more than half of your back pockets, its simply too long for you.

Avoid going deep:

After you have found the perfect length, watch those buttons and the garments front placket. Numerous mens polohave deep Vs which when left open do not look impressive. But every brand is different. The infamous Lacoste polo for example, have two buttons with a placket (the fabric piece the buttons sit on) running way down to the bottom of the chest line. This style need to be buttoned up. Most Mens polo plackets are meant to run midway down to the bottom of the neck, which allows you to wear your polo without buttoning up at the placket.


This comes down to personal preference with sleeves basically varying among all the brands. Some mens polos hug you tight, and some don’t. If you have been working out all winter, you would want the sleeves to hug not constrict your arms. Ensure that they aren’t too tight as muscles and clothes should complement each other rather than fighting for space.

Wearing it Right:

 After you have got your hands on your precious polo, in order to rock it totally, follow some easy tricks.

  • Do not wear them with an undershirt, they are supposed to be casual. 
  • Sweat stains are a problem. While applying deodorant, ensure that its protective or aluminium free or it might stain your white or light coloured polo. A Polo also needs protections.

Now you rock that Polo all summer long!


Size Guide

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