August 28, 2018


Call it what you may Tuxedo, Black Tie, Dinner Suit or Cravat Noir this formal dress code happens to be the most elegant, classy and the smartest ensemble modern men are presumed to attire themselves for any dressing up occasion.

Many younger men would be unfamiliar with the art of executing a black tie look because of the lack of such occasions which require to be dressed in this attire.

The name dinner suit happens to be an explanation itself. Yes, it was the uniform to be worn at the dinner table and then gradually evolved to become a quite casual substitute to the white tie (tailcoats and the rest). Exclusively, a dress code for the evening it still remains so. The time when the clock struck 6, was the cue to go black and garb the dinner suit.

Old 1930's black and white films certainly familiarised us with the tuxedo, but how to put together the finer details and get this look together can sometimes be deceiving?

With the pressure of the party season right over our heads, and formal dressing becoming a fashion statement today, we shall go through how men of today can approach the distinctive arena of formal attire and how this traditional form of clothing has grown to evolve, becoming a strong place for itself in the wardrobes of today’s men.

The Jacket:

The first item of clothing we shall initiate with is the jacket. Formal Jackets are traditionally jet black and made out of pure wool. Gents who are more fashion forward and wish to create a style statement, a midnight blue jacket looks quite fetching and dazzling. Under more artificial light, this hue tends to look blacker than black. It was particularly the preferred choice in the ‘30s by the stylish Duke of Windsor.

Single Breasted or Double Breasted:

The common style of a single breasted jacket is of the most use today, and in which satin lapels are added to ensure it has a polished formal look. Formerly being the rage in the ‘20s and ‘30s, the double breasted jackets are definitely coming back. The single or double breasted velvet tuxedo jacket has been making a come back for a few years now and is being used by fashionistas during the colder months.

If executed suitably as they should be, double-breasted jackets as well as velvet jackets offer a rather plush substitute to the standard black wool single breasted dinner jackets while looking smart and quite modern too.



The most traditional style of collar for dinner jackets are peak lapels. More towards the formal side than the notch lapel, they finish the jacket with a rather distinguishing point.

For a more polished choice, shawl collars are more suitable.

A wide assortment of colors and cuts are available for every dresser.

The Trousers:

Created out of dense but breathable wool, the traditional black tie trouser used to be high-waisted, with the front being pleated and brace buttons to make the trousers stay firmly around your waist during usage.

Rather than the shiny satin strips seen on the black tie trouser of late, these were finished with braided grosgrain stripe at the sides that had more matte finished look. The fit also used to be much wider and gave enough room as compared with those of today so that the men were able to move freely if they felt like breaking out in dance after being done with the dinner

Though this trouser style has become fairly outdated, styles quite similar to this style with slimmer cut are being produced by some big names. If you wish to add waistcoat in your outfit, high-waisted trousers could come in handy for concealing the waistband of the trousers perfectly behind the waistcoat.

Slim-legged dinner trousers is a preferable and popular option for those inclined towards the contemporary style. The only thing they have slightly common with the high-waisted trousers is the silk or satin strip which runs down the sides. With the intent to bring a clean finish in the nonexistence of a cummerbund, some brands tend to fit in a silk waistband into their designs.

Velvet other materials should be avoided for leg wear as they are likely to belittle the clean cut look of the black tie attire. Trousers should always be made of wool-rick cloth and black.

The labels or names that have been suggested for jackets are also preferable for trousers. To ensure that you look same from top to bottom and shows consistency in color, fabric and the cut, the entire dinner suit should be purchased from the same designer.

The Bow Tie:

The one wardrobe feat that a man should achieve for sure in his life undoubtedly is to master the skill of tying the bow tie.

Once a commonplace art, there has been a rise in self-toe bows by a number of designers to revive this. Due to the organic and cheery shape as compared to clip-ons that are too neat, self-toe bows give a rather dashing and trim impression.

With the above detailed style tips you can now definitely execute the black tie look in style!


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