Jacket:Style No: B2MA012

  • Single breasted one button
  • No chest canvas
  • Peak lapel
  • Lapel Width 7.1 cm
  • No breast pocket
  • Normal lower pockets
  • Central back vent
  • Round Jacket bottom
  • Sleeve buttons-5 flat buttons

      Shirt: Style No: B2MCY0128

      • Close collar with breast dart and front panel waist dart to bottom
      • Front pleated patch 
      • Small squared collar, collar point 4.8 cm
      • Cuff width 7 cm
      • Straight cuff with two buttonholes and two buttons
      • Cuff with one pleat
      • Normal rounded bottom

        Pant: K001 Style N0: B2MB0112

        • Pressed with no crease on pant
        • No front pocket
        • No back pocket
        • No belt loop
        • No extension,with hook


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