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Waratah's in Action


Suiting up a professional rugby team, no Easy feat.

From the moment we became sponsor and official clothiers for this years squad, we knew we couldn't expect to get the job done well by suiting them up by simply using our off the rack collection.

"Having had experience dressing professional sportsmen in the past, it's very evident and makes perfect sense, that the rigorous training regimes professional sports people keep means their body shapes are just not like us regular people."- David M.- Company Director

These guys are the ultimate professionals and they train their bodies to be built so they can outlast and out play their competition.They're tall and short, with big necks and shoulders, small waists, solid legs and powerful arms. And this meant trying to establish the right fitting garment for members of the scrum pack, the inside and outside backs as well as team management was never going to be possible using one standard fit.


Every person in the squad would need to be personally tailored, and this meant having our personal tailoring team record each persons every body measurement so each garment would be produced for the wearer to fit perfectly, while looking and feeling comfortable with every movement and at any time.

 At Season Launch wearing Ron Bennett Tailored Suit. 

The Personalisation Process

Waratahs senior management wanted to ensure the 2017 squad were dressed in unique off the field tailored wear that represented a unified team made up of many special individuals. We needed to make their suits and shirts unique.

Early on in the process, we met with management and discussed styles, fabrics and the colours that represented NSW rugby.

"We discussed the important smaller details that would make all the difference each time the garments are worn. The internal lining colour, the style of buttons on each suit and shirt, the colour of the button stitch, the way each suit and shirt would sit on each player, (stretch cotton shirts for added comfort). The right shirt collar style so the collar looks Crisp and sharp with each wear. Then how each suit and shirt should be stitched to ensure durability and comfort. Every detail discussed and documented."- David M. - Company Director


Then to ensure the ultimate experience in player and management personalisation, we decided to Monogram the 2017 Waratahs logo under the collar of every jacket,and individually stitch each player and managements namesinside their suit jacket, suit trousers and inside their shirt collar.Then for a discrete personal touch, monogram their initials onto their shirt sleeve cuffwhich had never been done before. 

"We all thought that would be very cool and as it turns out is."- David M. - Company Director


"We were excited about presenting the finished garments to each player and staff member. They didn't know the team logo and their names would be monogrammed on their own suit and shirt, so we were hoping the small personal details would inspire each of them to dress and perform well off the field as well as on."- DM

So as we presented and carried out the final fitting, it was a true pleasure to see the garments fit each person perfectly (a couple of suits needed minor hem adjustment) but it gave us greater satisfaction to see each person being recognised as individuals with their own personalised sit, shirt and tie, rather than a playing squad all wearing a uniform they were thrown into.

Dressing a group of specially talented Individuals, that together make up one unified and very professional winning rugby team.

"No easy feat, but with programmed preparation, dedicated time, experienced energy as well as intense focus on the right outcome,
we feel the NSW rugby team is dressed like winners while off the field like they're winners on the field."

Go Tahs!


Ron Bennett Sponsor and Official Clothier to Waratahs


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