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Autumn Racing Carnival Trackside Looks

March 12, 2015

Autumn Racing Carnival Suits are certainly not your regular business attire, so men as tempting as it may be, try and refrain from simply throwing on your usual 9-to-5 pin-stripe suit!
Top 4 Grooming Tips for Men

November 21, 2014

Our essential grooming tips for men cover off all the basics you need to know, from which moisturiser you need to have to nailing that perfect seasonal fragrance and of course the options when it comes to shaving! So let's get started...


Navy Blue Modern Tailored Suiting

September 20, 2014

New York Fashion Week 2014

Dark, intense and classic navy blue hues have been one of the key players for menswear at New York Fashion Week. A day before the first stiletto heel was scheduled to hit the catwalk at the Lincoln Center tents – a furor of menswear brands presented a range of collections with an easygoing, laid-back luxe vibe to it, featuring a palette of blacks, whites and navy blues.

How to Wear a Suit During Summer

August 12, 2014

When you’re investing in a high quality suit you always need to consider whether you’ll be able to use it regardless of whether it’s winter or summer. 

Let’s cover off a few essential factors to take into consideration to ensure you’re splurging on a versatile trans-seasonal suit.